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How much should work and activities such as lifting or standing really be limited during pregnancy?

Aug 16, 2013 · Whether you’re grocery shopping, have a job that requires lifting or have a toddler who demands to be picked up, lifting certain objects is

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Proper Lifting Technique. Follow these tips to avoid compressing the spinal discs or straining your lower back when you are lifting: Keep a wide base of support.

Oct 15, 2015 · Safe Lifting. Correct lifting technique is essential to prevent vaginal prolapse or to avoid additional weakening of your pelvic muscles if you already

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Learn proper lifting techniques and OSHA’s approach to minimizing lifting hazards. Quick Tips #221 uses images and captions to show correct lifting procedures.

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How to Lift Weights. Developing a weightlifting routine and learning correct weightlifting technique is a great way to get in shape and take full advantage of what

This category of the American Pregnancy Association website answers what is safe while you are pregnant.

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Looking for information about lifting during pregnancy? If so, read this article which covers the risks and techniques of lifting while pregnant.

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