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Increasing Consumption Boosts Concerns About Energy Drinks By Lydia Zuraw | July 1, 2014. Many consumers are aware of the safety concerns surrounding energy drinks

The Effects of Environmental Factors on Alcohol Use and . Introduction Historically, alcohol education and prevention efforts have focused on changing

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Affluenza, a portmanteau of affluence and influenza, is a term used by critics of consumerism. It is thought to have been first used in 1954 but it gained legs as a

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Colorado’s Teen Marijuana Usage Dips after Legalization. Government study puts the state’s high college cannabis use below the national average

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Sep 04, 2012 · Some people buy inflatable Santa Clauses, and they put them on the rooftop. You ask if they really need that, they chuckle and say “no, no, of c

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The American Heart Association offers this overview of added sugars and their impact on heart health.

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Enroll in Teen Safe Driver by American Family Insurance. Help your teen learn safer driving habits and reduce distracted driving via TrueMotion smart technology. We

Mobile Devices Reign for Teen Media Consumption. 91% of American teens access the internet through a mobile device. Smartphones account for 46% of all screen time:

Pregnancy and alcohol use is like giving your baby a drink. Learn more about the effects on the baby and risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy.

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ACOG Practice Advisory: Update on Seafood Consumption During Pregnancy . Updated: January 30, 2017. This is an area of evolving care and practice.

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