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Alexander M. Dye is a partner in Willkie’s Corporate and Financial Services Department and Co-Chair of the Insurance Transactional and Regulatory Practice Group.

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Thomas Gaffney. Tom has been in the merger and acquisition business for more than forty years and, in 1985, he co-founded The Anderson Group with Barry Shapiro.

Athene Holding has completed five acquisitions in eight years, growing to $89 billion in assets and establishing itself as a leading retirement services company.

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Aviva’s main activities are the provision of general and life insurance, long-term savings products and fund management services. The group has around 29,600

Athene USA As one of the leading providers of fixed annuities, you can rely on our strong portfolio of solutions designed to help you achieve your retirement income

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Brian Hansen. SVP, General Counsel & Secretary, Sammons Financial Group. Brian Hansen is the senior vice president, general counsel and secretary with responsibility

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From Auto & Home to Life, Dental, and Vision, MetLife insurance offers the coverage you need.

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Annuities are issued by Forethought Life Insurance Company, 10 West Market Street, Suite 2300, Indianapolis, Indiana; or Commonwealth Annuity and Life Insurance

The companies of ManhattanLife provides voluntary employee benefits as well as annuities, cost effective life insurance, and supplemental health insurance for